About Us

We exhibit at various shows around the country. Our ethos is that you can meet us (and we can meet you!) and you can see and try our products. What gives us the most pleasure is seeing people enjoy the products as much as we do. 

Over the years, many of our loyal customers asked us to branch out and source other products. We have listened and are always on the lookout for something new. From our Konjac Sponges and Stojo cups to our Cool Ice Towels and bamboo socks, there's something for everyone!

We listened to those who want to do their part and stop using plastic. To this end, we will have re-usable food wraps and fruit and vegetable produce bags to help you on your journey. We try very hard to find products that are recyclable or reusable.

Our new "finger" toothbrushes are great for camping, going to festivals, going out on the town after work when you want to freshen up, hiking, traveling, etc. NASA astronauts have been using these for a couple years now! They are also great for those with autism who may not like the sound/feel of electric toothbrushes. And kids love them too, so if your child isn't really into brushing their teeth, perhaps this is worth a try! Kids sizes come in various flavours.

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Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming shows!