Handmade Soaps

Beautiful and high quality triple milled, natural handmade soaps. Made in the traditional way of processing the natural soap three times.

Why handmade soaps?

Let’s start with the advantages of handmade soap. That bar of soap from the supermarket looks so clean and pure.  And yet, most big-brand soaps contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin, alcohol that dries the skin, and sometimes petroleum products, which is just disturbing.  Handmade soap is made from natural, gentle ingredients that don’t leave the skin itchy, dry or irritated.

Have you noticed lately how many commercials are on TV about soap that won’t dry your skin? And how they add lotions and creme to soap to keep your skin moist. Doesn’t it sound like their own admission that soap dries your skin? They don’t tell you that in modern soap making glycerin that acts as moisturiser in soap is removed from soap and sold separately to be included in more expensive beauty products to increase profits.

Natural handmade soap bars keep all the good stuff including glycerin and nonsaponified oils to moisturize your skin naturally. There are also no other harsh chemicals or chemical preservatives added to create colors, smell and longevity. You wouldn't find such things in natural soap. But you would find them in almost all soap bars commercially produced. A little education goes a very long way when it comes to choosing products for your skin.