Here you will find all the information you need or want as an informed consumer that cares about what you put on and into your body.

We believe in full disclosure on all of our ingredients and we take pride in the fact that Posh Brats products are handmade safe, natural, of high-quality and to our exacting standards.
We don't just do what the EU Cosmetics Directive laws tells us we can do to make our products safe because those are minimum industry standards. We go above and beyond what is 'allowed' and take the extra step to make sure what you are getting is the very best we can offer.

We are constantly re-investing into our company but not in things like flashy packaging, celebrity ad campaigns, or 'paid' media endorsements.....we invest into our INGREDIENTS and constant product development and research.

** Please note that while we do use water-soluable dyes to tint our products, we cannot guarantee that some plastics will not temporarily stain. If this is an issue for you please refrain from ordering any brightly coloured items. Thank you**

To keep your bath goodies in the very best and freshest condition, we do heat shrink wrapping over many of our items. This is to protect the product from melting, crumbling, or self destructing over the rest of your order. Unlike *some* bath companies out there...we realize that while naked products may be more earth-friendly...there is ultimately more waste involved if the product self-destructs in the mail and ruins everything in the package.

Please note that we also recycle our *shipping* packaging whenever possible. 99% of people don't mind this but we understand not everyone wants this, therefore if you would rather have new packaging please make a note with your payment.

 As consumers you will appreciate that within the EU and many other countries it is required by law for all products to be safety tested and have toxicology reports. We hold all of these reports on every product. Our products are legal for resale to the public. The USA and Canada at present do not require toxicology reports on products but it coming very soon due to recent legislature. This means that many of the smaller companies in North America will be in serious trouble when it comes to the expense and rush to get their own formulas tested. By purchasing Posh Brats products from us or any of our stockists you will have the inner peace of knowing this has already been done for you.

Our toxicology reports are valid throughout the EU, these includes all member states:

Scent formulas are often protected as trade secrets. That means you’ll often see the generic term "fragrance" or "perfume" on a label without information about the actual chemicals used and the amounts. Of course, this makes it difficult for consumers to avoid products containing ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.

To be on the safe side, please avoid use of products containing essential oils if you have any the following conditions.

*If in doubt please ask*

The European Union (EU) designated 26 fragrance allergens (16 occurring in natural complex substances such as essential oils) as requiring labeling on cosmetic and detergent products. This labeling must occur if the concentration of the designated ingredient exceeds 100 parts per million (ppm), or 0.01% for a rinse-off product, and 10 ppm, or 0.001% for a leave-on product. To help our consumers with sensitive skin, allergies, or asthma, Posh Brats has decided to voluntarily list any of the 26 fragrance allergens found in essential/fragrance oils that are present in its cleaners, using their International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) names. Any of our products may contain any of these known allergens that occur naturally in fragrance/essential oils. We would prefer you err on the side of caution, if you have known sensitivities to any of these ingredients, you are using these products at your own risk.

That said, ALL of our fragrance oils and essential oils are in compliance with current IFRA regulations and we use less than the recommended maximum amount allowed to make sure that our products are scented well within regulation amounts. We do this by our own choice to avoid cases of sensitivity for our customers.

Amyl Cinnamal*
Cinnamyl Alcohol*
Evemia Prunastri (Oak Moss) Extract*
Hexyl Cinnamal
Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde (Lyral)
Amylcinnamyl Alcohol
Anise Alcohol
Benzyl Alcohol
Benzyl Benzoate
Benzyl Cinnamate
Benzyl Salicylate
Butylphenyl Methylpropional (Lilial, Givaudan Vernier, Switzerland)
Methyl 2-Octynoate
Evernia Furfuraceae (Tree Moss) Extract