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  • Bee Mix

    Bee Mix

    A mix of native wildflowers that bees will just love!
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  • Bird Mix

    Bird Mix

    Created in collaboration with scientists at the Natural History Museum, this mix includes wildflowers that are perfect for attracting birds to our gardens to feed on seeds and insects. According to the RSPB, a lack of habitat and food abundance has lead to huge decline (over 50% in the last 45 years) of many common UK garden bird species.
  • Butterfly Mix

    Butterfly Mix

    A mix of five native wildflower species that are great for butterflies!
  • Cloud Meadow Mix

    Cloud Meadow Mix

    Cloud Meadow is a selection of beautiful all white-flowering native wildflowers that are hugely beneficial to bees and butterflies! Each seed ball contains approximately 150 seeds from a mix of Meadow Sweet, Oxeye Daisy, White Campion, White Clover, and Yarrow.
  • Herb Mix

    Herb Mix

    A collection of scrumptious cooking herbs. The perfect addition to a kitchen garden.
  • Shade


    A mix of British native wildflowers that are ideal for shadier gardens and balconies.
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  • Sky Meadow Blue Mix

    Sky Meadow Blue Mix

    An all blue mix of five native wildflower species that are great for bees!
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  • Urban Meadow Mix

    Urban Meadow Mix

    A beautiful mix of native wildflowers that is perfect for pollinators and the most hardy of our wildflower mixes. Urban Meadow is a colour combination of annuals and perennials developed in collaboration with River of Flowers – a fantastic and inspiring organisation working to create and connect urban meadows across the globe.