New and Old Favorites

  • Bee Mix

    Bee Mix

    A mix of native wildflowers that bees will just love!
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  • Blue Cool Ice Towel

    Blue Cool Ice Towel

    Keeps you cool when the weather is hot. Perfect for days out at the beach, the gym, running marathons and all sporting activities, hiking, camping, boating, gardening, holidays, headaches and hot flushes!
  • Finger Toothbrush

    Finger Toothbrush

    No need for toothpaste or water! These finger toothbrushes are the ideal companion when camping, traveling, or just freshening up. Great for kids as they come in different flavors.
    Adult Toothbrush
  • Food Storage Bags

    Food Storage Bags

    5 mesh food storage bags come in a handy drawstring bag to keep them tidy. Use instead of plastic bags at the market or grocery store. Rinse your veg or fruit in them, store them in the fridge, and when they get dirty, pop them in the washing machine! Can also be used to store various items around the house.
  • Pocket Cup 12 oz (355ml) Blue

    Pocket Cup 12 oz (355ml) Blue

    Sip, stow and go! These collapsible cups are ideal. Keep them in your backpack, handbag, coat pocket, anywhere. So easy to carry, it's the only cup you'll need!
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  • Shaggy Dog (Duo-Cotton and Fleece)

    Shaggy Dog (Duo-Cotton and Fleece)

    Our handmade Wheat bags are perfect for when you're feeling cold, stressed or suffering from tense muscles and aches. Our Wheat bags are filled with cleaned English wheat and come either unscented or with English lavender buds. They come in a variety of patterns.
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  • Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder 140g

    Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder 140g

    Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder is one of the world's best products for the effective relief of prickly heat rash, itchy skin and skin irritation from hot weather.
  • Stojo Cup 470ml Dove Grey

    Stojo Cup 470ml Dove Grey

    Sip, stow and go! These larger 16oz Stojo collapsible cups come with a straw, ideal for hot or cold drinks.